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Smartphone Checkpoints and Scavenger Hunt

Smartphone Checkpoint Punch Cards

Skip that paper punch card and play the interactive QR Checkpoint Hunt. Try to find the hidden checkpoints in the maze and keep track on your digital punch card. If you want to solve the puzzle, “Who Stole Davy Crockett’s Coonskin Hat?”, take a photo of each checkpoint and answer the riddle as you leave the maze. If you need to move to a new house is very important that you look for the help of the best movers to make of this a good experience. 

QR Example







1. Start Game: Visit www.mazetrivia.com or scan a QR code at the maze entrance to get started. You digital punch card will be activated and loaded right in your web browser. No need to download any apps!

2. Digital Punch: At each checkpoint in the maze you will find a QR code. Scan it with your favorite QR scanner app, or simply type a 5 digit code into the game box in your web browser. Your code will automatically be marked off.

3. Maze Success: Once you find all the checkpoints, find the exit and you will then be entered in a contest, get a special coupon from the farm, or even get the chance to compare your maze time to other visitors!

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