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Our Past Corn Mazes



This was our first corn maze in 2005.  The paths are the actual rivers of Tennessee plus The Natchez Trace and The Avery Trace.


MAZE 2006


Our second maze, we just expanded the idea to the rivers of the United States and we wanted to pay tribute to the whitewater rafting in our area!



Maze 2007


In this maze we invited all to visit the river for fishing, boating, and kayaking!




My favorite, of course!  Our tribute to Pat Summitt.  Basketball is still one of our passions and she was the greatest  college coach of all time!




20092009 Corn Maze

A Tribute to our beautiful and historic area here in Southeastern Tennessee!  The source of the first hydro-electric power in Tennessee is less than two miles from our farm! (Ocoee No. 1 dam)






Maze:  Our County and surrounding area was really affected by the rockslide on Hwy 64.  Traffic was rerouted for months!  Our maze is a commemoration of that time span.




A tribute to the serenity in our area!






2012 Media Photo




The Girl Scouts and Ocoee No 1 Dam were each 100 yrs  old in 2012!





2013 Media Phot0


The River of Life for all. Count them… that’s 9.  Ready for our tenth year.



Ocoee, Place of Passion14_Benton_TN_Mockv22015

Rivers of the CherokeeMedia Photo 2015


Growin’ on the River


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