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Educational Sessions

Quality Education + Fun for Kids = The River Maze

Having grown up on farms, we believe it’s important that the heritage and dynamics of agriculture is something that all children have the chance to be exposed to.  It just so happens that we’re able to help accomplish that goal in a fun and unique way. We invite you to bring your students to come get lost in our classroom in the corn!

Passports for the Maze  

When you come to do our corn maze, we offer educational passports that you can take with your students to help navigate through the maze.  This can be fun while teaching them some small tidbits of information.  We have educational passports that test knowledge about Corn, Pumpkins, English, History & Civics, Science, Math, and Geography.  Click here to view Sample Passports.

We also offer the chance for you to customize your experience with passports that are designed specifically for your class and what you are studying right now.  Go to the Maze Trivia website and just type in 10 questions with 1 right answer and 2 wrong answer.  Then, you can print your worksheet right at your own school!  Maze Master Trivia icon

Click to Customize your own Passport

Our Educational Sessions

This year our educational sessions will be tailored for certain grades and will feature the following lessons for you to choose from:

  • PreK – 2nd Grade
    • Spookley-  A lesson about bullying and how being different is okay!
    • Pumpkin Mania- A quick look at the life of a pumpkin and some interesting facts.
  •  3rd – 6th
    • Corn on the Cob- A quick look at how corn grows and some fun facts about how we use it.
    • Flower Power- This lesson talks about all the parts of a flower and their function.
  • 7th – 12th
    • Why We Need a Farmer- A presentation about the importance of a farmer on a local/national basis.
    • Corny Calculations- A little math  and business lesson from the farmers point of view.

**Please note that though we have listed suggested grade by each lesson, we can make each lesson fit your desired grade level. Also know that our featured lessons are the lessons we have put the most time and effort into, however, we can adjust to what you so desire your class to be taught.