Field Trips

“Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world– Nelson Mandela”

On any given morning at The River Maze, you’ll see the sights and hear the sounds of children laughing, learning and playing all at the same time. Offering educational field trips to children of all ages and abilities has been a priority for us at The River Maze for the past ten years. We believe that it is highly important for children to learn about the land around them and what better way to learn than when having fun? We are able to teach kids on a variety of different subjects and lessons in a very unique way. They will not only hear the material, they will participate in it! We invite you to bring your students to come get lost in our classroom in the corn!

Write and Print your own Passports this year by clicking our Maze Trivia website.  Just type in 10 questions on what you are studying at school right now with the right answer and two wrong answers and your worksheet can be printed right at your own school

o   This year’s featured lessons are:

  • Spookley – PreK – 1st Grade
    • A lesson about bullying and how being different is okay!
  • Corn Husk Dolls – K – 3rd
    • A lesson on the Native American’s and their forms of entertainment. Kid’s will get to take a doll home with them.
  • Farm Barnyard – PreK – 2nd
    • Kids will learn about farm animals and the types of things that we get from the animals.
  • From Grass to Milk – 2nd – 3rd
    • Allow your kid’s to learn about the journey of how milk is made from the very beginning.
  • Flower Power – 1st – 3rd
    • Student’s will learn all about the parts of a flower and their function!
  • Bee an Insect – K – 3rd
    • Students will learn the anatomy of an insect in a very unique and exciting way!
  • The Passion of the Ocoee – Middle School and Up
    • Students will take a journey through the Ocoee River and learn all about it and the passion that is truly flows through it.

*Please note that though we have listed suggested grade by each lesson, we can make each lesson fit your desired grade level. Also know that our featured lessons are the lessons we have put the most time and effort into, however, we can adjust to what you so desire your class to be taught.

Click here for Lesson Plans and Activities about Spookley

Clicke here for Lesson Plans about the Prevention of Bullying

When are Field Trips?

Tours are held Monday through Friday from September 22-October 31 2014, by reservation
You may select one of these time slots — 8:45, 9:30, or 10:15am
Tours usually last from 2.5 to 3 hours, but we can adjust according to your schedule.

What do Field Trips Involve?

We have three  sections devoted to the learning experiences for students on their visit to the River Maze.
Check these out! :  Educational Activities (and)  Field Trip Packages (and) Teacher Resources

Click here for Map and Directions

How much are Field Trips?
“Beauty and the Bees”  is $6, “Ocoee, Place of Passion” is $7. “The River Maze” is $9.
Teachers are Free.
1 Chaperone is admitted free for each 15 students.
Parents and Siblings pay the same as students.

Make a reservation online now!

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Field Trip Reservation Policies
We like for tours to be scheduled at least 1 week in advance.  September is better weather than October!  $1 discount if you schedule in September!
Rain Dates: Please call.  The land drains well, so rain the night before does not necessarily mean we cancel tours.
Cancellation:  Please call at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled tour if you need to cancel or reschedule.
Physical Address:  The River Maze, 1371 Hwy 64, Ocoee, TN 37361
Mailing Address: The River Maze, PO Box 113, Ocoee, TN  37361 or Joe or Dianne Fetzer, 173 Welcome Valley Rd, Benton, TN  37307
Phone Numbers:  423 – 650-0710,(Bruce)  423-650-7222(Joe), 423-650-7224(Dianne)

What to expect when you arrive at the River Maze!

    • Be sure you know how long it takes to get to the farm.  We don’t want you to miss your first activity.
    • Please make us aware of any special needs your students may have when scheduling the field trip.
    • Please make us aware of any allergies your students may have.
    • All tours must be paid in full upon arrival.  Please plan ahead for purchase orders.  Money from parents, guests, or other children should be collected before coming.
    • Personal, school, and PTO checks are acceptable.  Please make checks payable to “The River Maze”.