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Escape to the Farm

Escape to the Farm and you won’t want to leave!

Welcome to Birchland Ocoee Farms (home of The River Maze) where we just completed two new escape rooms!

   “The Disappearance of Farmer Joe”   and  “Hungry Bears Starving for Pizza”

Problem 1:  Farmer Joe has been kidnapped.  It seems he found some gold on his property and hid it in his office.  The bad men have him.  He refuses to tell where it is but he left instructions with his manager on how to find the gold.  The manager needs your help.  You have 45 minutes  until the bad guys arrive!

Problem 2:  The bears around here are hungry!  What are they hungry for?  Your pizza, that’s what.  How will you keep the bears at bay while you rescue the pizza?

We look forward to your arrival.

Birchland Ocoee Farms

DBA The River Maze
1371 Hwy 64, Ocoee, TN 37361

Other phone numbers:  423-650-7224 or 423.650.7222

Email:  Dianne@TheRiverMaze.com or Fetzerd@yahoo.com or Fetzerd@gmail.com

We are constantly updating our activities.  Please check back for the latest.We just completed our GAGA Ball Pit and a 9 Square in the Air! We can cater you a nice meal or we can fix you hotdogs at any time. Cost:  1 escape room experience = $15.00
If you want to do both = $25
If you just want to come and play games = $5
Catered meals will vary


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