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Trek Thru Truth in Tennessee

Our 2019 Corn Maze

Our 2019 corn maze is a trip back to 2005 for our first corn maze.  The paths in the state of Tennessee are some of the rivers in Tennessee.  You can also see a raccoon,a mockingbird,an iris, and part of the Tennessee state flag.

“Mystery at The River Maze”

We have created a scavenger hunt through our maze. This year’s mystery is”Who Stole Davy Crockett’s Coonskin Hat?”.  You can use a pre-printed card or your smartphone to play this game. Click here for Smart Checkpoints info

Passports to aMAZEing Learning

We are including educational signs about Tennessee at the passport posts in the maze. Speaking of passport posts, in the past we have had 10 spots in our maze where you see numbered posts.  We will still have that!  Guests carry a trivia passport on a topic of their choice and a correct answer gives a clue about which way to turn.  But this year, you can play on your smartphone or create your own trivia card. Click here for Customized Passports.

Even More aMAZEing

Our 2019 Soybean Maze will feature Ott, the hardworking little tractor.  This is based on a story written by Jack Higgins, a member of the Polk County Hall of Fame. You can also try your skills on our ” No Left Turn Maze”, the “Jumping” maze, and our newest ” Spookley Speaks Out Against Bullying” Maze and  more…

Click here to view our past corn mazes!

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