Ocoee…Place of Passion & Beauty

Our 2014 Maze
Ocoee… Place of Passion & Beauty



The Cherokee referred to the Passion Vine as “ocoee”. The root “oco” refers to the plant and “ee” describes the location. The word “ocoee”  literally means the apricot vine place. Passion Vine is the state wildflower of Tennessee. The Tennessee Ocoee River and Valley are named after this plant.  Passionflower


farm scene investigation

 “Who Stole Davy Crockett’s Coonskin Hat”?

We have created a scavenger hunt through our maze to help solve this crime. ( It will be played like the game of Clue). You can use a preprinted card or your smartphone to play this game.  Click here for Smart Checkpoints infoDavy Crockett

Passports to aMAZEing Learning

We include educational signs about plant and animal life at the passport posts in the maze.   Speaking of passport posts, in the past we have had 10 spots in our maze where you see numbered posts.  We will still have that!  Guests carry a trivia passport on a topic of their choice and a correct answer gives a clue about which way to turn. But this year, you can play on your smartphone or create your own trivia card.  Click here for Customized Passports.

Even More aMAZEing

Have you heard the buzz about Beauty and the Bees? We will have a soybean maze with characters from “Beauty and the Beast” carved in it.  It will have signs posted about honey, bees, and horses.  Don’t forget to try our “No Rightt Turn” Maze and the “Color Maze”, “Tag with Spookley and Friends” and  more….

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